It is Robert Thompson's mission as a leader in the publishing and performing arts industries to help build a healthy and dynamic community. In his opinion, the best way to promote the local music industry is to put on great shows, get publishing deals, and create high-quality audio. Robert Thompson is a driving force in the business with a good educational background and over two decades of expertise.

What you've done in the past

Music was the subject of Robert Thompson's studies at the University of South Florida in 1981. At the University of South Florida, he earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Music degree in musicology in 1984. It was at the Eastman School of Music that he received his Doctor of Musical Arts degree in 1992. He is fluent in the German language and can communicate with ease in it.

The firm he worked for after graduation was Universal Edition, which has headquarters in London, Vienna, and New York. As a result, Thompson Music Group, LLC was formed by Robert Thompson. As a professor of arts management at Purchase College from 2007 to 2014, and as dean of the Conservatory of Music from 2008 to 2010, he had a long and distinguished career.

He was the Dean of Music at SUNY Purchase College's arts administration school and taught music entrepreneurship and arts & entertainment law there for a while.

President of the Music Publishers Association of the United States, Inc. G. Schirmer, AMP, Schirmer Theatrical, and Node Records are all part of Wise Music Group, which he has been president of since 2013. As part of the Wise Music Group and the Music Sales Corporation, Robert Thompson launched Schirmer Theatrical in 2015. A year later, Thompson launched a record label called NODE.

As a member of the Wise Music Group, he has represented, published, and produced a wide range of music by a wide range of composers and performers for use in cinema, theater, and commercials. Heather Christian, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Jimmy Webb (Philip Glass), Missy Mazzoli (Eddie Money), John Corigliano (Jeff Beal), Jocelyn Pook (Bryce Dessner), Tan Dun (Bryce Dessner), and many more have all collaborated with him in the past.

The Moody Blues, Yes, The Four Tops, The Temptations, Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett are just a few of the acts he has collaborated with. It is not uncommon for him to conduct concerts with orchestras such as the Houston, Detroit, Nashville and Phoenix symphony orchestras, which he has also organized.

What I'm Doing Now

An adviser to the Kauffman Foundation's Entrepreneurship in music program at Eastman School of Music, Robert Thompson can assist students think about their futures as performers and entertainers. Since founding Wise Music, he has produced several high-quality theatrical plays through Schirmer Theatrical.

He devotes a large portion of his time to improving the local music scene and encouraging young people to seek a career in the arts. Both ASCAP's Board of Review and ASCAP's Concert Committee have elected him to serve on the latter.

From "REVOLUTION: THE MUSIC OF THE BEATLES" to "WOMEN ROCK," "GHOSTBUSTERS" (for Sony), "THE RED VIOLIN" (Lionsgate) to 'AQUAMAN,' Robert Thompson has developed a variety of theatrical experiences (Warner).

"Halston" by Stanley Clarke, "Free Solo" by Marco Beltrami (for Nat Geo), "Ask the River" by Rachel Portman, and "Goldenhair" by Brian Byrne have all been executive produced by Thompson under NODE Records (featuring Julian Lennon and Glenn Close).

Charity and philanthropy

This desire for teaching youngsters about music comes from Robert Thompson. Personal experience has led him to feel that all children should have the opportunity to engage in artistic endeavors. He has given eight years of his time to charitable causes through his business. He has collaborated with organizations including Harmony Foundation, New Music USA, Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, Penny Lane Charitable Trust, and others.

Robert Thompson's position at Schirmer Theatrical enables him to give back to the community. He donates the money he makes from his concerts to a number of deserving causes in his community. He wants to aid struggling musicians, raise the next generation of visionaries, and show the world how relaxing music can be.

Students and young people who are thinking in pursuing a career in music can also find him working with them. Working as a mentor for students in the Kauffman Foundation's Entrepreneurship in Music program at the Eastman School of Music is part of this work as well

Honours and Recognition

Robert Thompson has twice been nominated for a Grammy Award. He's worked with a slew of renowned musicians and has honed his craft by producing world-class concerts. University of South Florida's Distinguished Alumni Award was bestowed to him. As a result of his efforts in business and public relations, he was given the SABRE Award.

He's been interviewed by Good Morning America and the New York Times because of his work in publishing, cinema, music, and theater. Variety, Billboard, and others have also published pieces on him.

Even after all these years, Thompson's contributions to the worlds of music, theater, and publishing are still being recognized. He is working on a variety of initiatives that are expected to get attention from the public.